Although proof of screening is no longer required,

all children, staff and visitors 

must complete a COVID-19 self assessment prior to entering the building.

See the current TPH screening form below - April 28, 2022

If the child or household member has one or a combination of 2 symptoms, listed below, or tests positive for COVID-19 then current isolation procedures, including masking, must be followed.
  Information on what steps need to be taken, including what to do if you are a close contact,
can be found in the child did not pass screening section of our website.  

Starting March 21st,  children, staff and visitors are no longer required to provide verification of their
completed daily health screening. 

Morning drop off on regular school days is between 7:30am-8:30am

Parents or caregivers can escort their pre-screened child(ren) directly to their daycare room by 8:30am. 

Daycare goes outside promptly at 8:35am. 

We ask that at this time parents or caregivers DO NOT enter the daycare room.   

Please drop off and pick up at the room door.  If it is closed, please knock. 

Nursery school families will continue to meet staff at the front of the school at 9:00AM.

You will then be escorted to the nursery school room.  Pick up is out front.


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COVID-19 Screening