Please call and leave a message with your child's daycare room directly. Indicate why your child is absent. 


January 12, 2021 - Today the province announced that schools will remain closed until February 10th.  Unfortunately, the daycare is not allowed to provide childcare to JK-Grade 6 children during the closure. 

January 4 -  Daycare open for PRESCHOOL only

                          JK to Grade 6 Before and After School programs  will reopen when schools resume in person learning

February 12 - PA Day – Daycare Open
February 15 –Holiday Closure
March 15-19 – March Break – Daycare Open
April 2-5 – Holiday Closure
May 24 - Holiday Closure
June 4 - PA Day – Daycare Open
June 29 – Last day of School
June 30 - PA Day
July 1 – Holiday Closure
July 2 – Daycare CLOSED for summer prep
July 5-September 3 – Summer Camp Grades 1-6
August 30 - Daycare CLOSED for fall prep
August 30 – Last day of Preschool & JK
September 1 – PS & JK move up and New Preschoolers start
September 6 – First Day of School

Jackman Community Daycare is a non-profit daycare centre run by a Board of Directors composed of parent and community volunteers.   For more information on the Daycare Board please contact  Donna Spreitzer.

2020-2021 Board & Staff Members

Jackman Community Daycare By-Laws


COVID-19 updated information & daycare policies can be found  here


December 4, 2020 -  Toronto Public Health (TPH) has updated their COVID-19 school screening tool to further prevent opportunities for virus spread. The updated screening tool includes a new requirement that if a student has even one COVID-19 symptom, they must stay home, self-isolate and get tested; and if they live with siblings in the same household, they must all self-isolate.

Please review the updated information below. The new screening process for daycare will start December 7, 2020

The Ministry of Health has not updated their online screening tool, so we require families to print out the daycare screening form.



Current Families

Daycare is available before and after school for all families.  Morning drop off is between 7:30am-8:15am.
Children in class will be met after school by room staff at either 3:15pm or 3:30pm.

Due to the time needed by staff to pick-up from teachers and screen the children after school, 

we ask that parents pick up their children after 4:00pm.

If you need to pick up your child prior to 4:00pm we ask that you do so directly from their school teacher at 3:30pm (or 3:15 for kindergarteners)  You must call and leave a message with your child's daycare room, with as much notice as possible, indicating that YOU will be picking up your child from school.  Parents must also contact their child's teacher to let them know that your child is to remain in their care ​until you arrive.