Summer Camp 2022

​​Room Calendars

 Room placement is based on session enrollment.

The grades listed for each room below may vary from session to session.

Families will be emailed with their room assignments 

prior to the start of each summer session.

**Please note: some activities may be postponed or cancelled due to weather conditions

Room 105  (primarily grades 1& 2)

Room 101 (primarily grades 2 & 3)

Room 103 ​(primarily grades 4-6)

We will continue to follow Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health guidelines during the summer. 

Children will be placed in a cohort for each 2-week camp session. What this means is that your child will be with the same group for 2 weeks.  We strive to keep children with the same grade, however we only have 3 classrooms for grades 1-6 summer camp.  The majority of our summer camp children are between

grades 4-6, therefore your child may be assigned to a different classroom for different sessions.​​​​​

We are excited to be offering our summer camp program for children going into grades 1-6. 
    Preschool and JK families can find information about  their summer programs on their room pages.

Summer hours of operation will be 7:30AM-6:00PM.  Campers must arrive by 9:00AM daily.  

Afternoon pick-up is between 3:30PM-6:00PM

​School doors will be locked outside of these hours.

Our staff have planned lots of fun activities, mostly outdoors, for the children.
Review our program calendars below.


Children are to arrive with sunscreen already applied. 

We ask that you please bring a bottle of sunscreen lotion that can be left at daycare.  

Children will be reapplying sunscreen throughout the day and the daycare does not provide it.  Please do not bring aerosol sunscreen, it is not permitted in the school.

Please make note of the items your children are to bring with them daily:

Bag lunch (nut-free) - microwaves are not available, 

All food containers must be labelled. Ice packs need to be placed in the lunch bag should food need to be refrigerated. We do not have a fridge for lunch bag storage
if you child wears a mask, multiple masks (they’ll get wet often),
large refillable water bottle (500ml),
hat, shorts, running shoes,
bathing suit, water shoes, towel,
sunscreen already applied,
on rainy days bring a rain coat and boots (we are outside rain or shine),

back pack

Children must arrive, pre-screened, between 7:30AM-9:00AM daily

Pick up is between 3:30PM-6:00PM

The school doors will be locked outside of these hours.



Current families please contact Christine at

for changes or updates to summer camp sessions

Community Members - ​​REGISTER HERE 

Refund Policy

​Please note, no refunds will be accepted after June 1, 2022, for current families.

For current families - June 1st Deadline: All cancellations, changes & withdrawals must be submitted in writing. Cancellations received by June 1st will receive a refund, minus a 20% administration fee. Cancellations received after June 1st are subject to the full fee and will not be refunded. All changes are subject to a 20% administration fee and availability. 

Community registration - all payments are final, no refunds

We have found this policy necessary due to financial losses incurred when programs are cancelled on short notice.  We invest in equipment, staffing and utilize many resources prior to the start date of your session and in most cases these costs are irrecoverable.  Despite program waitlists, filling vacancies on short notice is difficult, resource intensive and most often results in significant lost opportunity costs.