Our staff miss the children very much and we are sure the children miss seeing each other, so we have found a way for everyone to connect.

Many TDSB classes use a video platform called FlipGrid and the daycare has set up accounts for all our rooms so staff and children can connect to each other.  Unlike other platforms, the video discussions are not scheduled so you can check in whenever you like.  Families can reply directly to users’ videos or upload your own.

Computers/laptops with a microphone and camera are required to upload videos (you can always view them) or there is a Flipgrid app to download so you can use your phone.  Alternatively you can record your video and upload it.

We would really love to see the children and hear what they have been up to.  Children can reply not only to staff but to each other.

Below are the links to the rooms that have set up their pages so far. We anticipate all rooms being up and running in the next week.  If you did not receive your log in code, please email Christine at: jackman.assistant@bellnet.ca

Nursery School 


JK B & A 


Grade 1 - Room 105

Grade 2 - Room 101

Grade 3 -Room 207

Grades 3/4 Room 209 

10+ Room 309 

Let's Connect on FlipGrid