Nursery School (Room 105)  Ext. 223
RECEs: Kira Mandl, Pia Baldassarra, Jennifer Passaretti (M-W-F)

Preschool (Room 107) Ext. 222
RECEs: Simmy On, Sadia Azad, Patricia Borges Nogueira
Assistant: Shaneice Rudder-Weekes & Tessie Abut (2-3PM)

JK B & A (Room 107A)  Ext. 233
RECEs: Kimberly Osborne (AM, PM), Pia Baldassarra (PM) 

SK B & A (Room 207A)  Ext. 234
RECEs: Sarah Cheong (AM.PM), Jennifer Passaretti (PM)

Assistant: Tessie Abut (AM.PM)

Room 105 - Grade 1  Ext. 223

RECEs: Angie Norman (AM, Lunch, PM), Gwen Pitteway  (Lunch)

Assistants: Gerica Morgan (AM, Lunch, PM), Patrina Mercury (PM)

Room 101 - Grade 2  Ext 224

RECEs: Karen Atkinson (AM, Lunch, PM), Svetlana Aboutalipova (Lunch, PM)

Assistant: Eleni Frimis (AM, PM)

Room 207 - Grade 3 - Ext 227

RECEs: Neda Shihadah (AM, PM), Soren Whitney (AM), Angela Muscat (PM)  

Assistant: Jamie Morgan (PM)

Room 209 - Grades 3 & 4  Ext 228
RECEs: Gwen Pitteway (AM,PM),Soren Whitney (PM)

Assistants: Suren Thavakaran (AM), Freda Azzarello (PM)

Room 309  Ext. 225  morning drop off in room 209
RECE: Kira Mandl (PM)
Assistants: Suren Thavakaran (PM)

Daycare Office (Room 308)
Donna Spreitzer, RECE, Executive Director / Supervisor,  Ext. 226
Karen Anthony, RECE, Assistant Director, Ext. 221
Christine Bird, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 232

Float/Supply Staff
RECE: Michelle Bunce (PM)

Assistant: Jocelyn Salinas

Room Contact

Jackman Community Daycare
Numbers to Remember

The Daycare phone # is: 416-466-8715. 

To leave a message at any time in your child’s daycare room, please dial the extension.