December 2018 Newsletter

Check out our Room Pages
Each program room has a web page where you will find the monthly room calendar and other important information.  Please check out the daily activities planned in your child’s room, by visiting the current families section of our website.

Home for the Holidays
Each year the Daycare closes for about a week during the winter Holidays. This year we will be closed December 24th to January 1st.  The Daycare will be OPEN full days January 2, 3 & 4. Nursery School will resume on January 7th.

Post-Dated Cheques Due December 15th

The Board of Directors has conducted a review of the daycare’s current and future financial context and recently set the budget for 2019. In order to keep up with inflation and ensure we are able to continue to attract and support quality staff and maintain quality programs, fees will increase as of January 1st. The 2019 fee memo will be emailed separately and can be accessed by clicking here.  Nursery School families will receive personalized statements by the end of next week. 
Post-dated cheques are due by December 15th. As a result of the extra work required if cheques are not submitted on time, a late fee of $200 will be charged for cheques that arrive after the December 15th deadline. Please direct any questions to Donna:  If you do not require childcare starting January 2019, you must let the daycare know in writing by December 3rd or you will be required to pay January fees.

Daycare Closes at 6
For some reason there are more parents arriving late. The Daycare closes at 6 PM and this is something our Board of Directors take very seriously. Even arriving a few minutes late negatively impacts staff and children. The majority of families have never been late. You know who you are and we thank you! But there are a handful of families that have been late often and are making it tough on staff.  Our policy states that if a family has been late 3 times within the school year, parents will be asked to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director and/or Executive Director to discuss proactive solutions. If late pick-ups continue, the matter will be taken to the Board of Directors for further action. This could jeopardize your child’s daycare spot. We would hate for it to come to this so please allow enough time to get to the Daycare before 6.
Staffing Update
We are happy to announce that Gerica Morgan has recently joined the daycare team. She will be replacing Youness in the Grade 1 room as the before and after school assistant. Long-time assistant, Harumi Murasaki has moved across the hall and will be working in the SK room before & after school.

Change of Season, Change of Shoes
With the wet slushy weather soon upon us, we would like to remind you that children must have indoor shoes with them every day to change into at daycare.  We relax our “no crocs” policy in the winter but running shoes are required as we often have activities in the gym.  For safety reasons, we don’t allow stocking feet in daycare.


Calendar of Events and Key Dates