February  2019 Newsletter

Winter Concert Grades 1-6

Our First Annual Winter Concert for children in Grades 1-6 is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th from 5:30-6:30 PM in the GPR. We plan to hold a dress rehearsal on Monday the 11th from 4-5 PM so please plan to pick up after 5 that Monday. We will be holding a 2nd concert for the younger children in the spring.

2018 Tax Receipts
Tax receipts for all childcare fees paid in 2018 will be sent home in mid-February. If just one name was on the cheque, then the receipt will be addressed to one parent. If two names were on the cheque then receipts are addressed to “Parents of X child.”  If you want the receipt addressed differently, both parents must consent to the change. Please direct any questions to Donna at
Click on the Room Calendars
Each program room has a monthly room calendar. Please check out the daily activities planned in your child’s room, found in the current families section of our website.

Jackman Summer Camp
Daycare staff are planning exciting summer camp trips and activities. Registration materials will be sent home by March 1st which is one week earlier than past years. In order to hold a daycare spot in September, all daycare families with children going into grades 1-6 must register for at least 2 weeks of camp. Camp registration will run from March 1-29 on a first come, first served basis. Weeks will fill up before the end of March so register early to secure the weeks you need.
The cost is $330 per week. Camp runs from Tuesday, July 2 through Thursday August 29. We are closed Friday June 28 & Friday August 30 as prep days.
Preschool & JK programs run through the summer. Summer information for Preschool and JK families will be available in June.

When We Say Lice is Going Around
This should be the impetus for you to do your own lice checks at home. The only to stay on top of it is if all parents are pro-active about regularly checking their own child(ren) and letting both the school and daycare know if you discover nits/lice.

To check for lice have your child sit down in a sunlit room or under a bright light. Separate hair in sections and inspect the hair shafts. What you’re looking for are the nits/eggs. It’s really hard to ever spot actual lice since they are really small and quick. The eggs are very tiny (about the size of a dot made with a pencil tip). They may look like dandruff but they differ in that they won’t move when you blow or try to flick them. They are glued onto the hair shaft and must be removed by pulling them off. 

There is NO STYGMA with having lice. It can happen to everyone and it means your child is sociable and typical. Just remember that when you find nits you need to treat it (talk to your pharmacist) and manually remove each and every nit. Then let us know so we can do room checks and alert other families to check at home. 

Silent Auction
The Daycare has once again donated 1 week of summer camp to the School’s Silent Auction. This year’s Auction will be held at Jackman’s MVP Night in the GPR on February 21st. Please note that this year Daycare families with children going into grades 1-6 are eligible to bid on the week (valued at $330) and it may be used towards one of your two required camp weeks.
Keep Sick Kids Home for a Minimum of 24 hours
There have been some nasty bugs going around. Public Health requires that children not return for a period of 24 hours AFTER their last episode of diarrhea or vomiting. This helps prevent the spread to other children and staff in the building.

Part-Time Nursery School Spots
We have immediate openings in Nursery School for children who turned 3 in 2018 or who will be turning 3 the first half of 2019. It’s a wonderful way to prepare children for kindergarten. Contact Karen in the Daycare Office: 416-466-8715, ext. 221 or

No Stocking Feet
Remember that children must change into indoor shoes (running shoes are recommended) and leave boots in the hallway. Boots need to go home each night.

Kindergarten School Registration
Parents of children who turn 4 in 2019 can now call Jackman Public School at 416-393-9710 to make an appointment to register for Kindergarten. Appointments are scheduled on February 12 & 20. You’ll need to bring the following documents to your appointment: Birth certificate or Passport, Health Card, Immunizations, 2 proof of address: Hydro, Gas, Cable, Home Phone, Child Tax, Income Tax.  It must be something attached to the home. Driver’s license & bank statements are not allowed as proof of address. For more information about the Kindergarten Registration process, contact the school or visit
Jackman Community Daycare will be doing intake for Daycare Preschool & JK B & A programs starting in April for a September start.
When your Child is Absent
Please leave a detailed message in your child’s daycare room when your child will not be attending daycare. If your child is sick, please let us know the symptoms so that we can limit the spread of germs. 

Daycare number is 416-466-8715:
Preschool, Room 107 (Ext 222)
JK B & A, Room 107A (Ext 233)
SK B & A, Room 207A (Ext 234)
Grade 1 & Nursery School, Room 105 (Ext 223)
Grade 2 Room 101 (Ext 224)
Grade 3 Room 207 (Ext 227)
Grade 4 Room 108 (Ext 228)
10+, Room 309 (Ext 225)
Office, Room 308 (Ext 221)

Calendar of Events and Key Dates