​Jackman Community Daycare
November 2023 Newsletter

Change of Weather – need indoor shoes
The colder weather is here to stay.  The daycare plans daily outdoor activities in ALL types of weather.  Please ensure that your children are dressed according to the conditions of the day. 

We also ask that you send a pair of indoor shoes to keep in your child’s daycare room.  We want to avoid instances of children having to stay in their boots while in our care.  Staff do not have access to school classrooms at the end of the day to retrieve forgotten shoes.  Crocs with ankle straps are permitted in the classroom, but not a during gym our outdoor play time.

Mark your Calendar for the Holidays
Each year the Daycare closes for about a week during the winter holidays. This year we will be closed December 25, 2023 to January 1, 2024.  The Daycare will reopen on Tuesday January 2, 2024, offering full day care until January 5th from 7:30AM-6:00PM.  Nursery school and school resume January 8, 2024. 

PA Days and Holiday Breaks
Morning drop off on PA days and holiday breaks is from 7:300am-9:00am.  Pick up is between 4:00pm-6:00pm.  School doors are locked between 9-4. Alternative times need to be arranged with your daycare room directly.
Nursery school is closed on PA days and holiday breaks

Over the Counter Lotions
The Ministry of Education has updated its policy on OTC lotions and moisturizers.  Children who need lotion to be administered while at daycare are no longer required to provide a prescription label on the bottle left at daycare.  Parents must send an email to the daycare authorizing the use of the lotion that they provided, in the original container, labelled in the child’s name.  Parental consent is also necessary for children who require staff assistance.

Picking Up from Daycare 
For the safety of the children, please notify the teachers when you have arrived to pick up your child.  This is particularly important when picking up your child from outside of the school.

Withdrawing from Daycare
We have updated our withdraw policy to coincide with our daily rate fees.
Notice Requirement
Parents or guardians are required to provide written notice of withdrawal for their child from Jackman Community Daycare no less than 30 days in advance. This notice should be submitted to the program supervisor.  June 1 is the deadline to cancel a September registration for the Daycare or Nursery School program, regardless of whether you are starting or returning to care.  If notice is not received in writing by June 1, the full September fee will be charged.
Last Day of Enrollment
Upon receiving the written notice of withdrawal, the last day of your child's enrollment in Jackman Community Daycare will be set 30 days from the date of notice submission.
Fees during the 30-Day Notice Period
During the 30-day notice period, regular tuition fees will continue to apply. Parents or guardians are responsible for paying these fees until the last day of enrollment, as stipulated in the notice.
Failure to Provide 30 Days' Notice
Failure to provide the required 30 days' notice will result in the continuation of tuition fees for the full notice period. It is essential to honor this policy to ensure the smooth transition of your child out of our program.
Stay home if you are sick
Cold and flu season is here.  Anyone who is feeling sick or has any new or worsening symptoms of illness should stay home until their symptoms are improving and seek assessment from their health care provider if needed.  For the health and safety of all children and staff in the daycare, parents are asked to follow our policies, exercise good judgment and keep children at home while ill.
If your child will not be coming to daycare please remember to call and leave a message with your daycare room prior to 2:00pm. Please do not email the daycare office as emails may not be received in time.
Please review our Dealing with Illness policy from our Parent Handbook

Updating Pick-Up Lists
Under no circumstances will the daycare release your child to someone with just a phone call if prior written consent has not been given.  
To add a person, or if you have a one-time special pick up, or if your child will be participating in school activities, fill out a special consent form located on our website or from room staff.  Please do not email or call the daycare office about special pickups. 

Part-Time Nursery School Spots
Help spread the word! We have immediate openings in Nursery School. It’s a 2½ -hour program from 9:00-11:30 AM for children who are 3 or almost 3. It’s a wonderful way to prepare children for when they start school. You don’t have to live in Jackman’s catchment area to attend Nursery School. Tell your friends to contact the Daycare Office: 416-466-8715, ext. 221 or

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