Jackman Community Daycare
December Newsletter

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Each program room has a web page, found in the current families section of our website, where you will find the monthly room calendar and other important information. 
We also have a public Facebook page where we post information and quick updates of the daily routines and activities of the daycare. Jackman Community Daycare
Home for the Holidays
Each year the Daycare closes for about a week over the holidays. This year we will be closed December 24 to January 1, 2021.  We will be OPEN full days December 21, 22 & 23.  Drop off in the mornings will be from 7:30am-9:00am and pick up between 4:00pm-6:00pm.
Daily Covid Screening
So far everyone has done a fabulous job staying healthy! Please ensure that you have screened your child prior to drop off.  You can show your signed and dated copy of the daycare health form or your results from the Ministry of Health on line screening tool.  Information on both can be found on our website.
Daycare Fees January 2021
The Board of Directors conducted a review of the daycare’s current and future financial context and has approved the budget for 2021.  There are so many financial uncertainties due to Covid-19, both in the childcare field and with so many of our families. The Board decided that fees will increase an average of 2%, in order to keep up with inflation and ensure we are able to continue to support quality staff and maintain quality programs. Updated fees can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact Donna.

Invoices for the first half of the year will be entered into our payment system TUIO by December 15th (January to August for Preschool and JK which operate through the summer).  Once you receive notification of the new invoices, please log into your profile and link your preferred payment method to the new invoices.  Check your email junk folder if you don’t receive your notification by December 18th.  If you have any questions regarding the process please email Christine at
If you no longer require childcare, you must let the daycare know in writing as soon as possible. We require 30 days' notice to withdraw your child.  January fees will be due for notice received after December 3rd. 

Mask Give-Away
The daycare received hundreds of children’s masks.  They are reusable, black cloth and suitable especially for the younger children.  Gwen will have them at the screening table so stop by and pick them up. Limit of 4 per child. 

Staff Milestones
Each year we recognize staff who have reached a significant milestone in their career at Jackman. Congratulations are in order for our Supervisor, Karen Anthony who has worked at Jackman for 5 years and Shaneice Rudder-Weekes who has worked here for 10 years.  We value our staff and strive to hire and retain high quality educators, as the staff are the backbone of our Daycare. We thank these educators and all of our staff for their commitment to the children and families at Jackman.

Used Electronics
Do you have an old, working IPad or IPad mini that you keep meaning to take to the community recycling day?  If so, we can help.  We are looking for donations of Ipads/Ipad minis to use in our program rooms for pictures and Wi-Fi use. Please let Christine know if you have one you would like to donate,     

Change of Season, Change of Shoes & Now Snow Pants
With the wet slushy weather upon us, we would like to remind you that children must have indoor shoes with them every day to change into at daycare.  For safety reasons, we don’t allow stocking feet in daycare.  
Due to Covid rules, it’s no longer possible for all children in shared rooms to keep an indoor pair of shoes in the daycare.  Unfortunately, children in rooms 101, 207 & 209 must carry their indoor shoes in their backpack as there is no place to store them safely in these rooms. 

Also with snow and colder weather come snow pants. Please send your child every day with proper outdoor clothing: jacket, snow pants, mittens & hat. It’s always a good idea to send an extra pair of socks and mitts in case things get wet. We are spending much more time outside so we want the children to be comfortable in rain, snow, wind or bitter cold.
Finally, in order to keep things moving as quickly as possible at evening pick-up, unless it is bitterly cold or there is a snowstorm, children will NOT be sent to the front exit with snow pants on.  If you want your child to come to the door with  their snow pants on, parents must inform Gwen upon their arrival.

Covid-19 Policy Update
The Daycare’s Covid-19 policies and procedures are posted on our website. Jackman Community Daycare adheres to rules and regulations from Toronto Public Health (TPH), the Ministry of Education and Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act. Staff are doing their best to mitigate any exposure to Covid-19; however, the daycare cannot guarantee that the virus won’t enter the school and daycare.
Regulations are changing regularly.  Recently TPH amended the requirement for childcare centres to sanitize play structures. Childcare rules are now more aligned with the school. Therefore, we are no longer sanitizing the play structures between cohorts. Instead staff are ensuring that children wash or sanitize their hands before and after playing on the equipment. 
Another change from TPH is a form which parents can use after their child has been absent.  According the TPH, child care operators may allow children that have not been tested to return to care based on an alternative assessment made by a physician or health care practitioner regarding symptoms or the determination that Covid-19 testing is not required.  Medical notes are not recommended or required by TPH. Parents can provide the childcare centre with the “Return to Child Care Confirmation Form” to confirm the child is well and may return to daycare.

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