December 2019 Daycare Newsletter

Check out our Room Pages
Each program room has a web page where you will find the monthly room calendar and other important information.  Please click on the link (to the right) to check out the daily activities planned in your child’s room, or visit the current families section of our website.

Home for the Holidays
Each year the Daycare closes for about a week over the holidays. This year we will be closed December 23 to December 27.  We will be OPEN full days December 30 & 31, Closed January 1 and OPEN full days January 2 & 3. School & Nursery School will resume January 6. We  wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!
Last Time for Post-Dated Cheques
We are in the process of moving towards an Auto-Withdrawal payment option whereby we will be phasing out collecting post-dated cheques.  We are still in the discussion phase and are not sure we can get this up and running by the beginning of December; however, we are hopeful that this will be the last time we ask parents to pay by cheque.  Details will follow when we send out the fee information next week.

Post-dated cheques (and/or auto-withdrawal forms) will be due December 16th. As a result of the extra work required if cheques or payment information are not submitted on time, a late fee of $200 will be charged for cheques that arrive after the December 16th deadline. If you do not require childcare starting January 2020, you must let the daycare know in writing by December 1st or you will be responsible for January fees.

The Board of Directors conducted a review of the daycare’s current and future financial context and has set the budget for 2020. In order to keep up with inflation and ensure we are able to continue to support quality staff and maintain quality programs, fees will increase by an average of 2% starting January 1st. This is the smallest increase in many years. Please direct any questions to Donna.
Change of Season, Change of Shoes
With the wet slushy weather soon upon us, we would like to remind you that children must have indoor shoes with them every day to change into at daycare.  We relax our “no crocs” policy in the winter but running shoes are required as we often have activities in the gym.  For safety reasons, we don’t allow stocking feet in daycare.
Staff Milestones
Each year we recognize staff who have reached a significant milestone in their career at Jackman. Congratulations are in order for the following educators:

  • Svetlana Aboutalipova, RECE – 5 years
  • Karen Atkinson, RECE – 5 years
  • Freda Azzarello – 20 years
  • Eleni Frimis – 5 years
  • Angie Norman, RECE – 5 years
  • Simmy On, RECE – 5 years
  • Gwen Pitteway, RECE – 15 years
  • Neda Shihadah, RECE – 5 years

We value our staff and strive to hire and retain high quality educators as it is the staff that are the backbone of our Daycare. We thank these educators and all of our staff for their commitment to the children and families at Jackman.

Did You Know?
Recently a parent asked about City of Toronto fee subsidies. Even though Jackman is an independent childcare centre, there are many daycare families receiving City subsidies.
Toronto Children’s Services has a relationship with centres like Jackman whereby we are a third party provider of childcare on behalf of the City.  Because we partner with the City to provide care for both full-fee and subsidized families, we are therefore entitled to City funding opportunities including wage grants, health & safety funding (which recently reimbursed us for painting our Preschool room), a rent subsidy, general operating funding, stabilization funding, as well as Special Needs resources and funding.
The financial support Jackman Community Daycare receives from the City not only directly supports families who need a subsidy, but also directly supports the Daycare and allows us to pay staff a fair wage and keep parent fees lower.  Information about eligibility for childcare subsidies is on the City’s website and you can apply on-line. Feel free to speak to Karen if you have questions.
Strike Policy
As of November 26 the ETFO started their work to rule campaign.  More information can be found at:  During phase 1 of the job action, schools will remain open and programs will continue. If negotiations fail and the teachers go on strike, the daycare will remain open, as long as the building remains open.  Our Nursery School program will unfortunately be closed during a strike.  Lunch will continue to be provided for catered children in Rooms 101, 105 and 107; children in JK, SK and our other B & A rooms will need to bring their lunch daily (as they do on regular school days).
Parents should consult TDSB's website: or a media source for more information. In the event of a brief strike, all costs related to providing extra care from 7:30 am-6 pm will be absorbed by the daycare.  In the event of a strike persisting more than one week, additional fees may apply based on the fee schedule, at the discretion of the Board.

Calendar of Events and Key Dates