Jackman Community Daycare
September Newsletter

Welcome Back
We had a really fun and successful summer and we are gearing up for an amazing September!  This has been quite a ride.  We have worked hard to ensure the safety of the children. Staff are well skilled in cleaning and sanitizing protocols to ensure the continued safety of the children and each other.  We are working closely with the school and sharing our best practices so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 
Information is changing by the day. We were delighted to learn this week that playgrounds will be OPEN.  We have used them all summer (successfully sanitizing between cohorts) but last week TDSB informed us that they’d be closed when school begins. Thankfully, they reversed this decision when Public Health (TPH) advised that they no longer must be cleaned between cohorts (instead, children must sanitize their hands after playing). We will wait to see if this applies to childcare or if we will continue to disinfect play structures. Either way we are so happy that children will be able to continue to use the playgrounds.
Speaking of sanitizing, we have had to increase our staffing allocation for cleaning and disinfecting due to the fact that all toys and surfaces must be sanitized after use. Furthermore, nearly everything in each childcare room and shared spaces (washrooms, banisters, door knobs, etc.) must be sanitized twice a day.  We will assist the caretakers in sanitizing daycare rooms before school begins as well as after school before daycare begins. Our cleaning team will also be assisting the school caretaking staff daily in cleaning shared washrooms.  We are also sharing our Hobart sanitizer in the kitchen in the middle of the day when we aren't using it. We have always been good neighbour, and now, more than ever, we must work closely with the school to ensure ALL children and staff in the building have a safe environment in which to learn, play and work.  We are all Team Jackman!
September 14 – 18
Monday September 14th the daycare will be closed to prepare for the start of school (only Preschool will be open 8-5). Just a reminder that the daycare is only permitted to provide before school and after school care from September 15-18.  If you are coming in the morning please come between 7:30 & 8:15.  If you come after school next week, please come to the front doors at 3:45 PM. 
Drop Offs
Morning drop offs are at the front door from 7:30am-8:15am.  You and your child will be required to answer screening questions daily before they can enter the building.  Once inside, staff will escort the younger children, or direct the older children, to their daycare rooms. Children arriving after 8:15am cannot come to morning care. We had to implement this to ensure all children get into the building before the busy school day. (Please note that children in grades 1-6 are to be dropped at school from 8:35-8:45; kindergarten drop-off is 8:50-9:00.)  The school will not permit children to be dropped off early.
By 8:30, daycare children will go outside with one staff. This will allow other daycare staff to assist the school’s caretaker in sanitizing the shared classrooms before school. Daycare staff will hand off the children to their school teacher in the school yard.
After School & Picking up your child
 After school, children are dismissed from school outside; daycare staff locate all the children in their respective cohort. From 3:30-6:00 PM the playground and school grounds will be the exclusive use of the daycare. The principal will be communicating that community use starts after 6 PM.
Afternoon pick-up will be from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm from the front door.  Please arrive well before 6 PM as the daycare closes at 6:00. We ask that you pick up during these hours unless you have an appointment. If you arrive early, please phone 647-633-0117 or your child’s daycare room and we will get to the door as soon as we can. If we are not right at the front doors, please wait a minute as we are likely off fetching child and will return shortly. Please do not ring the school doorbell during daycare hours.
All children must be screened for Covid-19 symptoms before entering the building.  If your child does not attend daycare in the morning, the screening will happen after school.  Younger children will be asked if they are feeling well or not well. Older children (grades 4-6) will be asked to answer all of the Covid screening questions.  Your child is not allowed in daycare if they are not feeling well or if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 including fever, new onset or worsening cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, decrease or loss of sense of taste or smell, chills, headache, unexplained fatigue/malaise/muscle aches, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pink eye, runny nose/nasal congestion without other known cause.)  Everyone must stay home when sick.
What happens when my child is Sick?
If your child is sick at home, do not come to daycare. Please call your child’s daycare room and alert staff to their absence. Tell us all of their symptoms.
 If your child falls sick during the day, they will be isolated and you will be required to pick up ASAP and within 1 hour.
We are following Toronto Public Health Guidelines.  The unfortunately reality is that whenever your child is sick with even 1 Covid-19 symptom, you must do the following:

Keep them home or if sick at daycare, pick them up within 1 hour
Schedule a Covid-19 test (closest testing centre is Michael Garron Hospital: 416-469-6858)
If the test is negative, your child can return to daycare AFTER being symptom-free for 24 hours.You must email the results to Karen at
If the test is positive, your whole family must isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. Family members should get tested as soon as any symptoms develop. If asymptomatic, individuals who have been exposed to a case are also encouraged to get tested within 14 days of the potential exposure. They will need to continue to self-isolate for 14 days even if the test is negative.
If you are unable to do a Covid-19 test, your child must self-isolate at home for 14 days.Parents are not allowed to enter school property.  We anticipate that children will be outside after school: older children out back; kindergarten and preschool in the kindie playground.  If you see your child, and if staff are able to accommodate you at this time, you are permitted to wave down staff and pick up from outside but you cannot come into the playground.  The outside schedule will change daily for Grades 1-6 so your child will be in different locations outside each day. We apologize for the limitations surrounding drop offs and pickups; all decisions have been made based on school rules, staffing constraints, as well as for the safety of children and staff.
If your child will not be at daycare
If your child will not be at daycare after school, please let the room know with as much advance notice as possible.  Leaving a voice mail message with your child’s room the day before is preferred. Not only do we have to ensure the safety of our children we must now report the reason why a child is not at daycare.  We also want to avoid staff running around after school trying to locate a child who has already left.
Daycare Payments

All families would have received a notice about updated invoices in TUIO. When new charges are added to your account, users are required to log in to approve the invoices and confirm their existing payment method (or add a new one if preferred). For security reasons, the daycare is not able to approve information in user accounts.  Just a reminder that refunds for 1 week of March were applied to your September fees (youngest child in most cases).
Daycare Cohorts
As you know we are starting September with reduced enrollment. In fact we are at 50% capacity. The Board made a conscious decision to offer September care to existing daycare children and to limit any new enrolment (except for Preschool). This is allowing us to start the month with less than 20 children in every daycare room. This did require us to combine a few grades. Preschool, JK, SK, Grade 1 & Grade 2 are straight grades at this time.  Then we have a Grade 2 & 3; a grade 3 & 4; and a grade 4, 5 & 6 room. We tried very hard to balance the cohort sizes and to ensure all children would have friends in their daycare cohort. Please remind your child that they will make new friends and there will be plenty of fun to be had in daycare (masks and all!). We anticipate as the year goes on that our enrolment will increase.
Annual General Meeting is October 20
Our AGM is normally in June; however we were forced to postpone it this this year. It has been rescheduled for the evening of October 20th. It will be our first AGM done on Zoom. Details will follow by email.  Please attend to hear about our year in review. The AGM is also when the Board of Directors is elected. The Board meets monthly to oversee the management of the Daycare. It’s a great way to participate in our community and make a difference.  There are several board seats opening up so we are in the process of recruiting new Board Members. For more information about the AGM, or if you want information about serving on the Board, contact Donna at Board of Directors has revised the By-Laws of the Corporation. Changes were needed to ensure the By-Laws complied with legislation as well as met the needs of the Daycare. A copy of the DRAFT By-Laws is available on our website.  Approval of the By-Laws is on the agenda of the AGM.