October 2019 Daycare Newsletter

Check out our Room Pages
Each program room has a web page where you will find the monthly room calendar and other important information.  Please click on the link (to the right) to check out the daily activities planned in your child’s room, or visit the current families section of our website.
TDSB Labour Update
The daycare will remain open during labour disruptions as long as the school building remains open. The decision to open or close the school building rests entirely with the TDSB. If the school building is closed then the daycare must also be closed. In the event of a brief strike, costs related to providing full-time care from 7:30 am-6 pm will be absorbed by the daycare. If a strike were to last more than one week, additional fees may apply, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The daycare will communicate with parents on an ongoing basis to provide updates and information relating to TDSB job action and program or financial implications.  Parents are encouraged to consult or a media source for further information.
When your Child is Absent/Sick Please Let the Daycare Know
Please leave a detailed message in your child’s daycare room whenever your child will not be attending daycare. If your child is sick, please tell us the symptoms so that we can track a possible outbreak. Keep in mind that the school and daycare have separate phone systems so if your child attends school, you must call both the school and daycare. Please refrain from emailing this information. Public Health requires that children should not return for a period of 24 hours AFTER their last episode of diarrhea or vomiting. This helps prevent the spread to other children and staff in the building. The Daycare number is 416-466-8715.

Room Extensions are:
Room 107 Preschool Full-Time – Ext. 222
Room 107A JK B & A  – Ext. 233
Room 207A SK B & A – Ext. 234
Room 105 Grade 1 B & A + lunch – Ext. 223
Room 101 Grade 2 B & A + lunch – Ext. 224
Room 207 Grade 3 B & A – Ext. 227
Room 209 Grade 3 & 4 B & A – Ext. 228
Room 309 Grade 5 & 6 B & A – Ext. 225
Part-Time Nursery Room 105 - Ext. 223

After school pick-ups
For safety reasons, we require that all children must be picked up from their daycare room as opposed to directly from their classroom after school, even if they are being picked up at 3:30.  It’s too confusing (and problematic) for the school and daycare staff when children have to change their routine.  This is a safety measure to ensure consistent supervision of the children.

School Field Trips
If your child is on a field trip and will not be in the daycare at lunchtime, we are unable to provide a catered lunch so please send a bag lunch for any school trips. If you volunteer for your child’s school field trip and take them home right after, please remember to call the daycare.  Second-hand information from classmates indicating that your child left with you is not confirmation.
Family Engagements
To create a sense of belonging and community within the daycare, we encourage families to attend the scheduled “Theme Nights” planned from time to time in your child’s daycare room.  From board game night to tea parties, the children love to prepare events for their families.  Check the room calendars for the fun activities!
No Trick or Treats Please
Due to some severe food allergies in the daycare we do not allow parents to send in treats for Halloween or any parties, including birthdays. Thank you for understanding that our priority is to keep all children safe and healthy.

Calendar of Events and Key Dates