April 2019 Newsletter

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Holiday Closure
Both the school and daycare are closed from Friday April 19 through Monday April 22. We hope everyone enjoys a lovely long weekend.

Spring Concert –Nursery, Preschool, JK & SK
The Spring Concert for our younger children will be on Wednesday April 24th from 5:30-6:00 PM in the first floor GPR.  Dress rehearsal for Preschool, JK & SK will be held on Tuesday so please pick up after 4:30 on the 23rd. Thank you.

Annual General Meeting June 11th
The Daycare’s AGM will be Tuesday, June 11th from 6-7 PM. Please attend to hear about our year in review.  The AGM is also when the Board of Directors is elected. The Board meets monthly to oversee the management of the Daycare. It’s a great way to participate in our community and make a difference.  There are 12 board seats and we know a few board members are retiring; we are therefore in the process of recruiting new members wishing to serve on the Board. For more information about the AGM, or if you want information about serving on the Board, contact Donna at
Staffing News
We would like to thank our longtime RECE, Pauline Lee, for her many years of service to the daycare. Pauline resigned in mid-March. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.
We Need Your Help
Spring is here and with that comes spring cleaning!  We want you to think of us when you are cleaning out your cupboards as we are looking for any unused body wash/lotion, old jewellery, scarves, picture frames, candles, figurines, etc.  It’s a surprise so we can’t tell you why we need these items but I think you will enjoy it! Please drop off your items with any daycare staff no later than Wednesday, May 8th.  Thank you for your co-operation... with your help the kids are going to have a lot of fun!

Great Article from Alyson Schafer’s Parenting Newsletter
Let’s talk about limits and boundaries!  I have had to review this concept with many of my family counselling clients so I thought I should write about it here for you all to benefit from too. 
Usually the topic comes up when a parent describes a recent situation when their child had a blow up or freak out that seemed unreasonable to the parent.  A classic example is how angry and explosive a child is when they are told to get off the iPad.  Or maybe it’s when they are told they can’t have a snack before supper, or that they have to do their chores before you drive them to a friend’s house.
The parents’ issue is their child’s emotional reactivity to the situation.  Those kids are really protesting large and loud!
When I review the situation, and ask for clarity on the rules, limits, boundaries around the issue, I quickly learn that they are ambiguous to the child.  Sure, the parents understand their own logic for asking their kids to get off tech, or not to eat a snack, or get their chores done first, but the child isn’t clear.  In fact, their emotionality tells me they perceive this request is not reasonable and unfair.   Why is that?
Well, let me compare this to playing a game of soccer.  When you teach kids the rules, they come to understand where out of bounds is.  The line is well chalked. If the ball crosses the line, the referee blows the whistle.  Now if the ref makes a fair call, the play resumes and no one gets fused.  Sure, they might be disappointed – but a fair call is a fair call.  Players only get upset and rage when they think it’s an unfair call. 


Keep Sick Kids Home
Public Health requires that children stay home for a period of 24 hours AFTER their last episode of fever, diarrhea or vomiting. This helps prevent the spread to other children and staff. If your child is sick, please keep them home and let us know their symptoms so that we can limit the spread of germs.

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