Jackman Community Daycare
April 2023 Newsletter

Holiday Closure
Jackman Community Daycare will be closed on Friday April 7, 2023 and Monday April 10, 2023.  We hope everyone has a wonderful, long weekend!

Returning in September
This is a gentle reminder, if your child(ren) is not returning to Jackman Community Daycare in September 2023, please let the office know in writing as soon as possible. 
The deadline to withdraw for September 2023 is June 1, 2023 however if you are able to confirm beforehand we would greatly appreciate the assistance for our upcoming planning and registration process. 
*Please note: if you withdraw your child after the June 1, 2023 deadline, you will be charged the September 2022 fees.

Summer Camp Updates Grades 1-6
Thank you to all our current families who have registered for our summer camp.  The exclusive registration for current families will be closed at 6:00pm March 31st. Our summer camp registration opens to community members on April 3rd.

Families would have received their summer camp confirmations.  If you require any modifications to any of your summer camp selections, please contact Christine at
Payments for summer camp are due on April 15th and June 15th, 50% each.  Invoices will be available the week of April 3rd.  Please log into your TUIO account to approve your payment method for the new invoices.
Update Pick Up Lists
The daycare requires written permission for individuals to be added to your child’s pickup list.  Please ask staff for a Special Consent Form to update your file or to let staff know about a one-time special pickup. Families can also fill out the special consent form found in current family section of the daycare website.  Please complete the forms at least 24 hours prior to the pick-up date.
Dress for the Weather
With the arrival of spring also comes the arrival of unpredictable weather.  Each daycare room goes outside daily, rain or shine.  Please ensure your children have the appropriate clothing and footwear so they are ready for whatever Mother Nature may bring.

Staffing Update

The Daycare Board of Directors is continuing the search for the best candidate to fill the position of Executive Director. The temporary vacancy of the position will in no way affect the day to day operations of the centre or the quality of care children receive on a daily basis.
Interested in joining our Board of Directors?
Jackman Community Daycare is a non-profit daycare centre run by a Board of Directors composed of parent and community volunteers. 
There are 12 board seats and we have board members who will be retiring at the end of the school year. We are therefore in the process of recruiting 5 new members wishing to serve on the daycare board.  
We are looking for individuals with a variety of professional experiences to serve as members at large and on board committees.  Enthusiasm for the work of the daycare board is most important and we encourage volunteers that reflect the diversity of the families at Jackman.
Our Board of Directors meets monthly (with the exception of July and August) to oversee the management of the daycare. The time commitment is usually between 2-5 hrs per month, depending on the position.   It is a great way to participate in our community, make a difference and network with other parents to work together towards a common goal-supporting the quality care enjoyed by our children.  
Our new board members will be approved at our Annual General Meeting in June.
For more information about the operations of our Board of Directors, please contact current board member John Wilson at 
When your Child is Absent
Please leave a detailed message in your child’s daycare room when your child will not be attending daycare.  Messages can be left at any time during the day.
The Daycare number is 416-466-8715:

Preschool, Room 107 (Ext 222)
JK B&A, Room 107A (Ext 233)
SK B&A, Room 207A (Ext 234)
Grade 1, Room 105 (Ext 223)
Grade 2, Room 101 (Ext 224)
Grade 3, Room 207 (Ext 227)
Grade 4, Room 209 (Ext 228)
10+, Room 309 (Ext 225)


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