Our Staff


Karen Anthony, RECE - Supervisor

Karen has been with Jackman Community Daycare since September 2015.  Karen has 27 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, 9 of which have been in managerial roles.

As the Program Manager, Karen works closely with staff to support programming and to ensure compliance with all regulations.  She has strong leadership skills and years of experience coaching and mentoring staff.  Karen also has a strong sense of community and is passionate about working with children and families.

The daycare employs 27 staff.  Seventeen staff members have earned their RECE diploma and are members of the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Each of our daycare rooms is staffed by 2 RECEs and some also one assistant, 2 in preschool.  We maintain higher than required ratios to provide quality programming for all children.  

Donna Spreitzer, RECE - Executive Director - Retirement date: June 30, 2021

Donna became Director at Jackman Community Daycare in 2003.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Master's in Management and she has earned her RECE while working at Jackman.  Donna has 30 years' experience in non-profit administration.

Working closely with the Daycare Board of Directors, Donna oversees the day-to-day management of the centre.  She is responsible for maintaining compliance with city and provincial requirements as well as ensuring that staff have the resources they need to provide a nurturing environment for children to play and learn.  Donna is a strong advocate for quality childcare and serves on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Coalition for Better Child Care (TCBCC).