Please review the Parent Handbook found in the

Policies and Procedures section of our website.

As part of the contract with Jackman Community Daycare, the Daycare reserves the right to withdraw or deny services if it is believed that the particular needs of your child or family cannot be appropriately met. The decision for suspension and/or withdrawal will be based on, but not limited to, the following types of incidents:

  • Extreme physical acts against other children and/or Educators (hitting, biting, spitting, or any other form of physical threat or assault).
  • Non-compliance of Educator’s direction
  • Verbal attacks on other children and/or Educators, which include the use of threats, name- calling, teasing as well as repeated profane or degrading language.
  • Racial or other discriminatory incidents.
  • A child who leaves the centre without permission and/or leaves the care of centre Educators on or offsite. (This will result in an automatic one-day withdrawal from daycare services.)
  • Any verbal or physical abuse by a child or child’s family member.

We realize that occurrences and disputes will occur among children and it is not our intent to exclude children over normal developmental incidents that assist them in acquiring problem- solving skills. However, as individual needs vary in terms of environment and program, some children many not benefit from the program offered in this centre. We will make every effort to meet the needs of your child, which may require the assistance of an outside agency. If the behaviours still occur and it is still deemed that we are unable to meet the needs of you or your child, then services will be withdrawn, with approval from the Board of Directors.

Jackman Community Daycare is expected to be a safe place for all children and staff. If a child is behaving in a way that negatively impacts the daycare experience for others or that is jeopardizing their own or others safety, that child may be asked to leave the daycare without refund.

​Parents/Guardians are required to confirm that they have read and clearly understand the Parent Handbook of Jackman Community Daycare and agree to abide by the policies and procedures contained within.  Any revisions to these policies or new policies will be communicated in writing. Parents/Guardians further understand that not adhering to the current or revised Jackman Community Daycare policies and procedures may result in services being withdrawn.

​Parents/Guardians further agree to review the Child Code of Conduct with their child(ren), and understand that any conduct by their child(ren) found to be in violation of the Child Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Parent and Child Code of Conduct