Nursery School (Room 105) Ext,. 223
RECE: Angie Norman
ECA: Sophie Carlton

Preschool (Room 107) Ext. 222
RECEs: ​Madison Tanner, Michelle Bunce, Ellen Cameron
ECA: Eleni Frimis 

JK B & A (Room 107A)  Ext. 233
RECEs:  Soren Whitney, Vesna Adamova, Kristy-Lee Thauberger
ECA: Sophie Carlton

SK B & A (Room 207A)  Ext. 234
RECE: Jennifer Passaretti, Neda Shihadah
ECAs: Sophie Carlton, Suren Thavakaran

Room 105 - Grade 1  Ext. 223
RECEs: Pia Baldassarra, Svetlana Aboutalipova   

ECA: Jamie- Lynn Morgan     

Room 209 - Grade 2   Ext 228
RECE:  Vera Pagat

​ECA: Gerica Morgan 

Room 101 - Grade 3  Ext 224
RECE: Dana Mukasheva
ECA: Shaneice Rudder-Weekes

Room 207 - Grades 4 & 6 Ext 227
​RECEs: Angie Norman, Vanessa Samuels​
ECAs: ​Freda Azzarello​, David Fort

Room 309 - Grades 5 Ext. 225
RECE:  Sarah Cheong​

ECA: Patrina Mercury

Daycare Office (Room 308)
Kayla Myles, RECE, Executive Director, Ext 226
Gwen Pitteway, RECE, Supervisor, Ext 221
Christine Bird, Office Manager, Ext. 232

Additional Staff

Kira Mandl, RECE

Jocelyn Salinas

Rhia De Bellotte

Room Contact 2024

The Daycare phone # is: 416-466-8715. 

To leave a message at any time in your child’s daycare room, please dial the extension.

Starting January 1, 2024, in accordance with our safe arrival and dismissal policy, families must call their daycare room if their child will not be attending daycare.  No emails please. ​​

Preschool and Nursery School families call by 9:00AM daily

​JK-Grade 6 families call by 3:00PM on school days

JK-Grade 6 families call by 9:00AM on PA days and Holiday Breaks

​Families can also verbally confirm with room staff