​Withdrawing Your Child

Notice Requirement
Parents or guardians are required to provide written notice of withdrawal for their child from Jackman Community Daycare no less than 30 days in advance. This notice should be submitted to the program supervisor.  June 1 is the deadline to cancel a September registration for the Daycare or Nursery School program, regardless of whether you are starting or returning to care.  If notice is not received in writing by June 1, the full September fee will be charged.

Last Day of Enrollment
Upon receiving the written notice of withdrawal, the last day of your child's enrollment in Jackman Community Daycare will be set 30 days from the date of notice submission.

Fees during the 30-Day Notice Period
During the 30-day notice period, regular tuition fees will continue to apply. Parents or guardians are responsible for paying these fees until the last day of enrollment, as stipulated in the notice.

Failure to Provide 30 Days' Notice
Failure to provide the required 30 days' notice will result in the continuation of tuition fees for the full notice period. It is essential to honor this policy to ensure the smooth transition of your child out of our program.

A permanent space cannot be maintained if a child is temporarily withdrawn from a program.  Any re-enrollment is subject to the ordinary registration process described above. The  Daycare believes that it is important for a child to be given the opportunity to say goodbye and have a sense of closure when leaving the Daycare or Nursery School. Please let your child and our Educators know in advance of his/her last day, so that the transition can be a positive experience.